Penny Choose: Marks and Spencer Ever So Posh Parmesan Asparagus and Truffle Crisps

Penny Choose Marks Spencer posh crisps truffle parmesan and asparagus review

It’s high time we had a little Treat Under a Tenner, isn’t it? So today we bring you some very delicious treat time snacking from Marks & Spencer. Here’s my review of their Ever So Posh hand cooked crisps in Parmesan, Asparagus and Truffle flavour.

Okay, I’m not sure any crisps ever made have exactly been ‘posh’, but these are definitely much nicer than your average crisps. They would be good to put out if you were doing drinks and nibbles for friends and wanted something a bit better than the usual supermarket offerings.

They do have the look of hand cooked crisps, with just the right thickness and plenty of crunch, They’re also not greasy looking or tasting which can be a problem with some other hand cooked brands. These crisps are also nicely golden brown, although they’re not overcooked or burnt tasting.

Now on to the flavour. It sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? Like it could all go horribly wrong….except, of course, it doesn’t.

They’re absolutely delicious. There’s just the right amount of mouth-watering savouriness from the parmesan, total umami moreishness. The asparagus is a back note, lending some depth to the taste via its distinctive vegetable flavour, although it doesn’t overpower the cheese at all. And the truffle gives a gentle mushroomy hint of flavour that balances the asparagus and complements the savoury cheese.

It’s a very unusual, well balanced, tasty little treat of a snack. You should really go out and buy yourself a packet. Well, I’m not sharing mine…

Marks & Spencer Ever So Posh crisps are available in-store, priced £1.80 for a large bag. Look out for their regular multi-buy offers, where you can get two bags for £2.

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