Penny Choose: Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette

Today’s Treat Under a Tenner is very girly and gorgeous, and you get a serious helping of glamour for four of your Earth pounds.

Treats under a Tenner Revolution makeup Iconic 3 palette

This product, to give it its full name, is the Makeup Revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 3. You get a decent 14g of product, divided between 12 different coloured stripes. It’s near identical in shades and performance to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which has an RRP of £37.00.

I say near identical because the ingredients of the Makeup Revolution palette are fairly different from the Urban Decay version, although they do look very, very similar on.

Well, I’m a big Urban Decay fan and do still buy things from them from time to time, but I absolutely couldn’t justify the £37.00 price tag on top of my other purchases. I have a budget to stick to, you know. [yes Penny, stop going on about your budget, we want to hear about the makeup] The other, much cheaper palette looked nice too, but I wondered whether it would suit me as I have neutral to warm skin colouring, and most pinks are usually too cool toned for me.

However, after being grabbed / politely mugged at a press event and being given a makeover with the palette, I confess I completely fell in love with the neutral pinks, dusty roses, mauves and vampy purple and red-black colours, and the range of finishes from matt to satin to metallic to microglitter. They are more neutral than you’d expect and would work on a very wide range of skin tones. There’s a lot of colour payoff here, and it’s very impressive for a cheaper palette.

Reader, I bought one. Admittedly I did wait for nearly a month but I’m glad I did finally get round to it. Since taking the plunge I’ve used it nearly every day, and it works for the neutral look as well as for evening wear. It blends pretty well and there isn’t too much pigment fallout either, so it’s versatile and far better quality than you’d expect.

Mine was £4.00 from Superdrug (also available at the Makeup Revolution website) and I’m glad I snapped one up because these palettes are insanely popular and have been going in and out of stock.

Tried this range of makeup yet? I’m getting very fond of them indeed – but what do you think?

Full disclosure: Bought with my own fair cash.

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