Penny Choose: M Signature Pedro Ximenez

Treat time! Today I’ve decided to go with a real festive treat and it tastes just like Christmas in a glass. It’s Morrisons M Signature Pedro Ximenez sherry. Yes, it’s a sherry, but it’s nothing like any other sherry you’ll have tasted. This stuff is magic.

Morrisons Pedro Ximenez sherry review

Confession: I deliberately held off writing about this stuff until I’d stocked up. Yes, I like it that much.

I first came upon Pedro Ximenez sherry on holiday in Barcelona. My Catalan is pretty terrible and I ordered it kind of by mistake without knowing what it was. The drink arrived chilled to an icy coldness, served with a plate of aged manchego and other cheeses, and some cubes of membrillo (quince) paste on the side. It was rich, spicy, fruity and nutty all at the same time – love at first slurp.

This grape variety, when handled kindly, makes a gorgeous, unctuous drink that can stand up to strong or nutty cheese, and it could easily replace the traditional port that you might have with stilton. It’s also delicious with fruit desserts, and the level of sweetness means it can hold its own against a mince pie or a cheesecake too. Or, for an easy alternative festive dessert, just chill it and pour over some ice cream.

This particular product has also won a Gold Award in the International Wine Challenge 2014, so it isn’t just me that’s raving about it.

It’s been relatively difficult to find a nice bottle of this kind of sherry at a decent price in the UK, so the M Signature version is a real find. It’s usually £5.99 for a 37.5cl bottle at Morrisons, and currently on offer for £4.99 so maybe order some now in case they run out…

Other wine bargains at Morrisons

  • Morrisons Signature Chilean Pinot Noir 2012, £7.99 for a 75cl bottle and currently on offer at 2 for £12.00. Another IWC medal winner and incredibly smooth and well made for the price. Tastes a lot more expensive than it really is, a good all-rounder for parties, or with turkey or cheese. One of the very few pinot noirs you can buy for under £10 that has a true flavour of red berries (a shorthand for quality with this grape).
  • Morrisons Signature South African Chenin Blanc, £6.99 for 75cl bottle. Has also won an IWC Gold Medal, and has a fresh, juicy profile with a hint of honey. Can be matched with a wide range of creamy, herby or spicy foods from Thai curry to leftover turkey and stuffing. Versatile, and excellent value for money.

Tempted to try some award-winning sherry this Christmas? It isn’t just for Auntie Mabel, you know. Actually, hide it from Mabel, we all know what she’s like…

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  1. Ho for the sweet love of god! I’ve discovered this amazing sherry some months ago, but somehow I forgot the whole damn thing! Until yesterday, when I’ve come across some Pedro Ximenez 1983 for 50€ and is….ooooohh my….ooooohhhhhhh 😮

    ! ! ADDICTIVE ! !

    Can’t stop smelling it, can’t stop savouring it.

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