Penny Choose: Lidl Maribel morello cherry conserve

This week’s affordable treat comes from Lidl – it’s their Maribel morello cherry conserve aka ‘extra jam’. It’s a 450g jar of fruity heaven and we get through a fair bit of it at Golightly Gardens on account of how it’s award-winningly delicious.

All the Lidl Maribel jams/conserves are rather tasty, but there’s something extra special about the cherry one. It’s 50% fruit, which is way better than many budget ranges, and there’s a juicy tartness to the flavour which sets it apart from many similar products that cost double the price.

I love it on a slice of crusty french bread, with a tiny bit of unsalted butter. It’s also a very handy cake filling and is deelish with some chocolate sponge and whipped cream (think world’s laziest Black Forest gateau).

They regularly have this stuff on offer, so if you go at the right time then you can often buy it for less than the usual (highly reasonable) 89p. Whenever that happens I would have to say stock up and buy two or more. Yes, it is that good.

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