Penny Choose: Habitat Cassiopea angular tumblers

Today’s Treat Under a Tenner is well under £10, and it’s a striking piece of design that’s something you can use every day. They’re made by Habitat and you can also buy them through other shops, either singly or in a set of six.

Habitat Cassiopea tumbler Blade Runner whisky glass

These Cassiopea angular tumblers are part of the new Autumn range of dining and glassware by Habitat, and they’re amazing for the price. It’s rare to find something this unusual at a mass market price point, but they’ve done a pretty excellent job here.

The quirky, interesting glasses come in three different colours. We’ve bought a mixture of clear and grey ones here for our tiny home bar and it was love at first sight. Beau insisted on having some of the grey ones for manly whisky drinking, and I picked up a few clear glass ones for making short cocktails and gin & tonics in because I think it’s nice to see the colour of the drink, the ice and the garnishes in their full glory.

Of course you could also use these for drinking water with meals, or orange juice at breakfast too. If you really wanted to. They’re 32cl, which is just the right size.

One of the main things that drew me to these tumblers is that they look a lot like a prop from a certain movie. While they aren’t a direct rip-off they are fairly similar to the whisky glasses in Blade Runner. Reproductions of the originals sell for an eye watering £95 for a set of two, but the Habitat ones sell for just £2.50 each. The originals are a hacked-into cube shape with cut away corners, and the Habitat version has an octagonal base and a round top, but they’re close enough for me.

Whether you just like interesting design, or you want to deck(ard) your home out in dystopian futuristic sci-fi style, these are definitely worth a look. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pop out and decommission a few replicants before my ice melts. By the way, is that an origami unicorn in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

The Cassiopea tumblers are available in clear, grey or purple glass, priced £2.50 each at Habitat. You can also buy them singly at Homebase or in packs of six at Argos.

If that isn’t cheap enough for you – if you’re quick – there’s a short term voucher code at Habitat today for 15% off everything in the online shop: LUCKY15 (have a look at the other glassware and dinnerware while you’re there, they have some real gems at the moment, and of course the fantastic lighting).

Do you like the look of these unusual glasses? Have you seen anything else at this price that’s caught your eye recently?

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  1. Ace! I wanted to get some of those Blade Runner glasses from Firebox for my boyfriend but they are eye-wateringly expensive LOL – these will do the trick very nicely!!! Thanks Penny!!!

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