Penny Choose: Foamburst blackberry & wild fig body wash

In the mood for a little Treat Under £10? Today I’m reviewing Imperial Leather Foamburst luxurious body wash in bewitching blackberry and wild fig. Yes, that is a ridiculously long name for a product, but it’s what’s inside the can that counts, isn’t it?

Penny Choose Imperial Leather Foamburst blackberry fig review

Imperial Leather Foamburst shower gels have been around for a good long while, but last year they were updated and repackaged with some new fragrances. You still get the metal canister that squirts the gel out under pressure to make the extra-creamy foam though, and it’s still good for shaving legs as well as generally washing with, I can confirm.

You still get 200ml of product, and it says on the packaging that you get about 40 showers per can. I don’t remember them lasting quite that long myself, although you do get more out of each one than you might think. The main issue is that the gel comes out so easily and at such high speed that it’s tricky to gauge exactly how much you’re using. Anyway, give the foam a few seconds and it expands massively to give an impressively soft and pillowy texture.

The main difference post-relaunch is the seven new fragrances, ranging from vanilla & cherry blossom to bergamot and & sea minerals. I saw them on offer at the supermarket and decided to try the ‘bewitching blackberry & wild fig’, or, as I like to call it ‘blackberry and fig’ (I’m exotic and overcomplicated like that, you know). What the heck, let’s try something new!

It turned out to be a good guess, because blackberries and figs go pretty well together. If you don’t believe me, check out all the blackberry and fig tart and pie recipes all over Pinterest and stuff. This particular fragrance is sweet and fruity, with the main note being a warm blackberry fragrance, and some fig and maybe a tiny bit of musk on the back note. It’s a strong scent and even with a head cold you will notice this one. It smells a lot more expensive than it really is – and that’s how we roll here at Golightly Gardens.

The product does feel luxurious and pampering without being too pricey, and it didn’t dry out or irritate my sensitive skin either so it’s a big thumbs up for this one. I might even pick up another one or two from the range while the offer’s available.

The Imperial Leather Foamburst range has an RRP of £2.99, but it’s currently on offer at various shops: £2 per can at Sainsbury’s, £2 per can at Morrisons, or 2 for £4 at Boots.

Have you tried the new Foamburst body washes yet? Is the current £2 price point tempting you?

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  1. I will definitely grab a bottle of this on my next shop for £2, especially as I love fig fragrances x

  2. Hi Gemma, it is more blackberry than fig but I really like it, especially for £2. Check out the other fragrances while you’re there – lots of nice new ones.

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