Penny Choose: Cracker Drinks Co Mango & Passion Fruit

We’re having a mini heatwave here, and this is something I’ve been happily sipping my way through to keep some semblance of cool.

Cracker mango passion fruit juice drink

It’s The Cracker Drinks Co’s Mango & Passion fruit all natural juice drink. Normally I tend to shy away from anything that’s labelled ‘juice drink’ as they tend to contain added sugars, thickeners and various other nasties, but these are just fruit, fruit extracts and water etc so I’m happy to tuck in.

This one is my favourite summery drink from their range, and it’s the only mango drink I’ve ever tried that hasn’t been overly sweetened. It’s a blend of apple, mango and passion fruit juice and purees, water, natural flavours and a little vitamin C to act as a preservative. The ascorbic acid means the carton can sit in your store cupboard rather than taking up space in the fridge until it’s time to open it.

The mango and apple flavours blend very well together, and are really juicy and naturally sweet without being sickly-sweet. The passion fruit is a fragrant, tangy addition that rounds out the tropical flavour and its slight acidity balances nicely with the natural sweetness of the other fruits.

This is perfect chilled and poured over lots of ice on a hot sunny day, and it’s thirst quenching and refreshing.

One litre of this drink usually retails at £1.99, and you can find it at Tesco, Asda and Waitrose. It’s currently part of a multi-buy offer in all of these supermarkets (any 2 for £2 at Tesco, any 3 for £3 at Asda, and any 2 for £3 at Waitrose) so you might like to stock up and/or try some other flavours in the range.

Full disclosure: I’ve carried out a taste test of a number of products in this range which was arranged by a PR company. All words and opinions my own, and this particular variety is my favourite.

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