Penny Choose: Coconut lime verbena solid perfume by DoctorSweetTooth

Time once again for a guilt-free treat that costs well under a tenner. I’ve recently been looking around for perfumes that smell very expensive but don’t have the crazy price tag attached, and it’s really not easy to find too many of them. However, here’s a very good example from a small producer in the United States.


It’s a unisex solid perfume from DoctorSweetTooth in their Coconut Lime Verbena fragrance. The company tends to specialise in simple, sweet gourmand perfumes, but this one doesn’t have too much sugariness at all. It’s quite a sophisticated, summery fragrance with a really good balance between the ingredients.

While it isn’t a direct ‘dupe’, the fragrance smells remarkably similar to both Virgin Island Water by Creed, a terrifyingly expensive product that I have longingly tested on a few occasions, and the now defunct Coconut Lime Verbena by Bath and Body Works*. The Creed has strong notes of lime and coconut, with a little rum, sugar and bergamot in it. The BBW product has main notes of lime and coconut with a little bergamot too, but strangely the formulation never included notes of verbena.

The DoctorSweetTooth solid perfumes can be bought via their international eBay shop for about £5.78 plus £1.93 packaging, and contain at least 12g of product. It’s strongly scented and I think my little tin is certainly going to last me the whole of the summer, and probably beyond. For £7.71 I’m very happy indeed.

One small note: as it’s being bought in from the US, be aware that UK customs might add an import charge to it as well. However, as it’s a tiny, light, inexpensive item, the chances are that they won’t bother to slap you with that one. Fingers crossed.

The seller also has a selection of roll-on perfume oils in a wide range of fragrances, although most of them are on the girly side rather than being unisex. I think the best deal on their site is the one where you make your own selection of four different handbag-sized fragrance oils, which costs about £8.84 plus £3.43 postage.

That’s unfortunately beyond the £10 limit for a Penny Choose, but I have used them too and liked them a lot, so thought you might like to know about that as well. My order included a generous amount of roll-on perfume, a small random sample of solid perfume, and a 10%-off voucher for future purchases, and I was very pleased with it.

* By comparison a 30ml bottle of the Creed goes for about £88 at least, and the original Bath and Body Works fragrance has been reformulated so it’s no longer on sale, although they sometimes turn up on eBay (and sell for a fair bit over the original price).

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