Penny Choose: Cawston Press apple & rhubarb juice

It’s Tuesday, so it must be time for more Treats Under a Tenner. Today’s treat is one you might like to add to your shopping basket next time you go to the supermarket: it’s the Apple & Rhubarb Juice by Cawston Press.

Penny Choose Cawston Press apple and rhubarb juice review treats under a tenner

I confess that I don’t buy fancy juices very often as we usually tend to buy economy multi-packs of orange or apple juice in this house. However, after giving up alcohol and cutting right back on the caffeine in March this year, I’ve been more open to the idea of trying out different drinks and this one has really hit the spot.

This Cawston Press juice is made from simple ingredients and only contains pressed apple juice, rhubarb juice and a little Vitamin C. The balance of flavours is just right – not too tart and not too sweet – and there’s a lovely tang to the flavour so it’s perfectly refreshing.

I like to drink this over ice, or with a little lemonade mixed in for a sparkling soft drink. I’ve also drunk it warm on colder mornings, and it lends itself to a tiny drop of vanilla or some spice like cinnamon, cardamom or cloves if you feel like making some non-alcoholic mulled ‘cider’.

Of course, this fragrant juice wants to be thrown into cocktails too. It’s begging for it. It would make an amazing fruity martini with some vodka, triple sec and lemon juice. The juice makes an interesting variation on Buck’s Fizz too, mixed simply with sparkling wine, perhaps with a single drop of bitters added (Creole Bitters with their spicy anise flavour would be ideal, but regular Angostura bitters will add complexity too).

Although this juice contains no nasty additives, it’s a longlife product so the 1-litre cartons will last for many months in your store cupboard. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants the summery taste of rhubarb in the autumn or winter, and it also allows you to stock up in bulk when there’s a special offer available.

A 1-litre Cawston Press Rhubarb & Apple Juice costs £2.09 at Tesco and is in their ‘any 2 for £3.50’ offer at the moment. It’s currently reduced to £2.00 per carton at Sainsbury’s. The juice is £2.09 at Waitrose and is also in their own ‘any 2 for £3.50’ offer, and the same deal applies at Ocado.

Have you tried this juice yet? Are you thinking about giving it a taste test?

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