Penny Choose: Bath House Gin & Tonic Bath Salts

It’s high time we had a little treat under a tenner, and today we’re going to be enjoying a lovely soak in the bath. Not all of us together in the same bath, obviously, but you know what I mean…

gin and tonic bath salts

Our treat of the week is Bath House Gin & Tonic bath salts, which I got from Qwerkity. This retailer runs websites that sell gifts for men, women, kids, etc. I’d say this particular variety of bath salts is a unisex product, and it might make a good stocking filler for any gin fan in your life.

You get 100g of bath salts in an attractive box, and this amount is enough for around four or five baths. With all bath salts, the fragrance is the really important thing to look out for.

The product is highly scented, to the point where it will gently fragrance a drawer or cupboard. This means that when you have a bath with it, you get a good level of aroma coming up from the water. The bathroom smells delicious.

The fragrance is complex, uplifting, and sophisticated. There’s some juniper in there, and some lemony, citrussy notes, plus a hint of expensive eau de cologne and herbs, but there’s none of the bitterness that you’d associate with tonic.

In short, I really like this product and it’s the perfect excuse to head off for an autumnal soak in the tub.

Bath House Gin & Tonic bath salts cost £4.99 for a 100g box. There’s also a pink champagne version if you’re looking for something slightly more girly.

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