British seasonal food in August in season ingredients foods UK

British seasonal food in August

There’s a huge wealth of British seasonal food available in August. The warmer weather brings us a whole new crop of heat loving fruits and vegetables, and game season officially begins. Here’s what’s good at the market and on the allotment this month. Fruit in season in August Apples (first), apricots, blackberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, cherries, […]

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Empty The Freezer Challenge 2017 Week 2 EmptyThe FC Penny Golightly

Empty the Freezer Challenge 2017: Week 2

We’re into the second week of the Empty the Freezer Challenge, where I’m trying to use up all our oldest frozen foods while they’re still edible. Some of it’s been hanging around for a while, and it’d be good to clear some space for all the fruit and vegetables we’ve been growing in our kitchen […]

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Cactus theme home makeover on a budget pic 3

How to style the cactus home trend on a budget

Some of you have been asking for cost conscious home makeover ideas, so I’ll be bringing out a few guides over the next few weeks. Today’s a quick and fun makeover using accessories, making the most of the cactus theme that’s set to continue right into your Christmas decorations! Picture above, left to right, top […]

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Sleep makeup free gift with purchase worth 15 Essentially Sleek2

Sleek makeup free gift with purchase, worth £15

** EDITED TO ADD: This offer is no longer going to run at Boots as originally stated, but it’s definitely still on at Superdrug. Enjoy! ** Beauty bargain hunters will be pleased to hear that Sleek makeup is doing an excellent new makeup offer at Superdrug from 2nd August onwards, while stocks last. They’re giving […]

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Empty The Freezer Challenge 2017 Week 1 EmptyTheFC Penny Golightly

Empty the Freezer Challenge 2017: Week 1

It’s been a week since the start of my 2017 Empty the Freezer Challenge began, and we’ve been trying to make the most of it here at Golightly Gardens. If you’d like to know a bit more about the challenge, you can have a quick look at last week’s post about it. To start with, […]

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Golightly Gardens kitchen garden diary July 2017 grow your own gardening

My July kitchen garden update

July is always a productive time in a kitchen garden or on an allotment, and this year it’s been especially good, mainly due to the warm weather and bright sunshine. I can’t take too much credit for the the good crops because I started the season a bit late and have fewer plants than last […]

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