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the art of asking never hurts to ask Penny Golightly

As you probably already know, I’m rubbish at resolutions but great at doing 30-day challenges. That includes various Jump Start months, and the month of getting fit for free that I did last autumn.

What you probably won’t know is that I’m in the middle of another 30-day challenge right now, which is to do some proper spring cleaning on this site. It’s been a while, and it’s well and truly time for an update.

Today’s post has been inspired by a conversation that I had a couple of weeks ago with Natasha, who runs Kitsch the Season. She was telling me about Amanda Palmer’s recent book, The Art Of Asking: How I learned to stop worrying and let people help, which sounded so interesting that I went off and watched the original TED Talk that she gave.

My 30-day challenge this month is mainly about tackling personal weak spots and things that I’ve been putting off, for example, I’ve always had clear intentions for this site but have never made the time to write them down and make them public. The About section is now rewritten, well, I say rewritten, but what I actually mean is filled in properly.

As an experienced blogger and/or freelance writer you can receive some amazing approaches, but there are plenty of bottom feeders out there too who bombard you daily with their attempts to take advantage. I decided that it was high time I set out my stall properly to say a big, loud ‘yes’ to the positive things, and a clear ‘no thanks’ to the inappropriate ones, and have created a proper Work With Me page.

One unexpected benefit of this is that I can now sling all those shifty gmail approaches straight in the bin without worrying. Which is nice.

Now on to the other thing that I hardly ever do, and need to get over, which is asking for help. A blog doesn’t truly exist without its readers, so if you’re reading this then please chip in if you can.

New articles on the site

I’m becoming increasingly interested in healthy and unhealthy money habits, the psychology behind different spending behaviours, and new ways to spend more wisely and save.

Would you be interested in articles about better money habits, new ways to save, and so on? Let me know. Also, if there’s anything else you’d like to see more of on this site, I’m listening.

Help with PR and marketing stuff

I’m very much on the lookout for great items and services to review, especially if they’re ‘Treats Under £10‘, luxury for less, high street products that look designer-y or tap into designer trends, and so on.

If you’re in PR or marketing and have anything that might be suitable, please contact me and let me know. Or, if you can recommend me a decent agency to contact, I’d love to hear from you. 

Freelance work

I’ll be getting back to steady pitching later this month, but if you know anyone interesting who’s taking on paid freelance writers at the moment then please tip me off. I could use the inspiration.

There we have it, all the asks. Please help me to continue updating and improving the site. Any ideas? Let me know.

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  1. I love your articles on finance and your tenner weeks are great. I also like it when you have articles on fashion and makeup for the new season . Your nail polish ones were so helpful. Hope you find this useful.

  2. Hi Fiona – that’s very helpful indeed, thanks so much! We’ll be having a few more Tenner Weeks this year so will keep you updated, and I promise to do some more ‘Designer Looks, High Street Prices’ articles very soon.

    P x

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