New Tenner Week Challenge starts on Monday!

Tenner Week Challenge £10 budget week September 2017

Save the date! A new Tenner Week Challenge will be starting this coming Monday, so feel free to join in if you want (or need) to do some extreme budgeting and save some serious cash. The theme this time is ‘Back to school‘.

It’s that time of year when the weather’s starting to change, and for most of us the summer holidays are over. Quite a few of us might also have spent more than we were expecting to on our holidays, and could do with saving some money. It’s also a time for a new term in education, or starting some evening classes, and learning something new.

Next week is about getting away from the back-to-work blues, getting ready for autumn and maybe doing some studying too – all on a tight budget. The budget per person for the week is £10 (excluding bills and transport to work, etc), and if you’d like to know the full Tenner Week rules, or you need a quick refresher, they’re here.

As always, there will be an optional Sunday Stocktake on the 10th as well. If you have the time, this can be a very helpful exercise to carry out because it’s a good reminder of all the resources that you already have to hand. It only takes a few minutes and once it’s done you’ll have a much better idea about the food and drink you have in stock, as well as other things like books, bonus points, tickets and so on.

If you really want to challenge yourself, try doing an optional TV Diet as well during the week. That’s a limit of four hours of telly time during those seven days, which might free up some more time for learning or relaxing.

Are you ready for a budgeting challenge? Think you could get by on £10 for the week?


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