New candles and room fragrance for autumn & winter

New candles and room fragrance for autumn & winter

I love to change things up around the house as the summer ends and the weather starts to cool. There’s something so comforting and cosy about getting out the candles and throws, and picking up some new room fragrance for autumn and beyond.

Here are a few new treats for you to try, including some fantastic scented candles and room diffusers.

Boxed candle from The English Soap Company

Boxed candles from The English Soap Company | £11.50

The English Soap Comopany has a wide range of scented vegan soy wax candles, and I especially like their 170ml hand poured ones in the pretty gift boxes. They’re nicely priced and get my vote for an affordable stocking filler, along with their handmade soaps.

I tried their Lemon & Mandarin candle, a fresh citrussy treat that also has added notes of lemongrass, rose petals and dry amber. It’s the perfect clean house fragrance, and is a nice alternative to fresh linen or ocean scents.

Also look out for their range of Christmas candles if you want something seasonal to start off after Halloween. I tried out their Victorian Christmas one, which is a fresh floral with some added spiced plum, for something a bit different.

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Artisan diffuser from Norfolk Hygge

Artisan diffuser from Norfolk Hygge | £14.99

I’ve been using this diffuser in ‘Cedarwood’ for well over four weeks now, and it’s still going as strong as it was on day one so I can definitely say it’s really excellent value for money. They say it should last for more than four months and that seems accurate given the performance so far.

This diffuser comes as a decent sized minimalist glass jar with a sleek silver collar and strong black reeds, and it definitely throws out a pleasant aroma that’s more than enough to fill a room. The name ‘cedarwood’ doesn’t quite do it justice, because it’s a well-rounded fragrance with a harmonious blend of different notes, including woods and florals.

They’re hand poured, made from safflower oil and are eco friendly, vegan friendly and cruelty free. The site also has some lovely Scandi style home accessories and some newly-added Christmas decorations you might like the look of.

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Wood wick candles from Home Fragrance by Heather Anne

Wood wick candles from Home Fragrance by Heather Anne | from £5.00

These wood wick candles are lovely quality hand poured soy wax, and the wooden wicks have a comforting crackle to them as the flame flickers. They come in a range of sizes, and an absolutely huge variety of different fragrances.

Even the smallest votive candle is enough to perfume a medium-sized room, and they burn really cleanly without the wax tunnelling which shows they’re well made. I tried out Autumn Walks, which smells of a fresh walk in the woods and a little cinnamon spice, and Spiced Pumpkin, which has creamy vanilla, a little fruit, caramel and warm spices.

There are also some great diffusers, room and linen mists, and wax melts and burners on the site to have a browse through. You can even order a monthly subscription box.

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Juniper & pine candle from Hyggestyle

Juniper & pine candle from Hyggestyle | £14.95

Hyggestyle is a scandi-style store, with an emphasis on cosy gifts and home fragrance. I tried out their Norska Skov Forest candle which is scented with Juniper & Pine.

I was impressed by how strong the fragrance is, and how it smells just like a bracing walk through the pines on a cold morning. Good if you want something uplifting to wake you up, or if you just like the Decembery smell of Christmas trees.

It’s made with pure essential oils and is made from plant wax, ethically sourced, and cruelty free. Norska also use recycled boxes and glass for all their candles, and the shop’s generally as sustainable and plastic free as possible.

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Odyssey candle by Aluxury Collection

Candles & diffusers by Aluxury Collection | From £26.99

These premium candles and diffusers get my vote for best luxury home fragrance gifts. They’re premium products in absolutely beautiful holders and packaging, and they arrive in a gorgeous box too.

I tested their Odyssey candle, which is fragranced with oud, jasmin and sandalwood, and is a relaxing, sensual blend. The 300g candle is held in attractive heavy frosted glass, gives you around 40 hours of burning time, and is cruelty free, vegan and all natural ingredients.

The other product I tested was the Avalon essential oil reed diffuser, which is a comforting, warming blend of spiced orange, cinnamon and amber. The 100ml version gives you 4-6 months of home fragrance, and it’s perfect for the winter – very Christmassy.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and some seasonal home fragrance inspiration.

Do you like to change up your room fragrance for autumn as much as I do?

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Full disclosure: The candles and diffusers in this article are press samples, all provided for review without obligation. I only recommend products that I really like and there are no paid placements.

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