Moments that Mattered in 2013

I’ve been invited to take part in the Moments That Mattered campaign with Lloyds, and my favourite part of 2013 just had to be the Golightly Gardens project. I created a comprehensive British seasonal food calendar, and set up and ran a cost-effective kitchen garden on a tiny plot that kept everyone here well fed and happy on a budget of less than £1 per week.

Click on the picture below for an animated gif that scrolls through the growing year.

1. It started with a lot of planning (and tea drinking)
2. We started some plants off early indoors
3. Other seeds were sown directly into the soil (the weather was bad so they took ages to get going)
4. After a long wait we were suddently picking food every day…
5. …and making our first kitchen garden recipes
6. By late summer there was an amazing range of food available
8. Then the garden kept on going, and we ended up with a glut of tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins…
9. …but don’t worry, nothing went to waste
10. And this year I’m getting ready for a whole new kitchen garden growing season!

Full disclosure: I’m taking part in the Lloyds Bank Moments that Matter campaign, all words and pictures my own. This is not a paid post, but I have accepted a gift voucher as a thank you from the promoters.

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