Mini Declutter Week Day 4: Ten minute hallway sort-out

hallway declutter inspired by B and Q under stairs area

It’s Day Four of our mini Declutter Week challenge (full declutter schedule here), and today we’re doing a 10-minute hallway declutter. Let’s get in and out of the front door with less mess and less fuss.

This functional space doesn’t always mean a traditional hallway though. Some houses and flats simply don’t have a hall, and the front door opens straight into a living space. Others have a small amount of storage in a cupboard under the stairs, or a different spot where people drop off their bags and shoes or dump their post.

If you live in a shared house, you might have a personal ‘drop zone’ just inside your bedroom door where the clutter collects. Alternatively, some larger homes have a cloakroom or boot room inside, or a porch or similar structure outside the front or back door.

Whatever your hallway or hallway-like space is like, it’s such a good feeling to make calm out of chaos here. Come home to a more welcoming place, and know exactly where everything important is when you’re rushing out of the house in the morning.

Which hallway or similar area to choose

It’s essential to pick a small area to sort out, ideally one that will take ten minutes or less.

Don’t try to do a whole hallway, porch or similar area at once, because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed or distracted. Stick to a limited spot that you know you can sort out in the time allowed.

Examples of spots for a mini hallway declutter:

  • Pile of shoes
  • Boot rack
  • Overloaded coat hooks
  • Console table
  • Pile of post
  • Box or bench in a porch
  • Bikes or scooters, lights and protective gear
  • Umbrellas or rain coats
  • Dog leads and toys
  • Prams, pushchairs and baby stuff
  • Handbags, shopping bags etc
  • Emergency go-bag for hospital, maternity unit, vet trip
  • Hats, scarves and gloves pile

That’s just a few quick ideas to get you started, and I’m sure you can think up some more of your own.

IKEA hallway storage inspiration

How to do your mini hallway declutter

Once you’ve chosen the exact area, the most important thing do do next is this: decide exactly how you want it to function.

Think about the practicalities of entering and leaving, and what your priorities are. Consider how you might tackle any existing problems.

The hallway declutter format is as follows:

  • Clear up the space (for example, get bikes, post or boots out of the way)
  • Clean the area (dust, wipe, vacuum, etc)
  • Sort through the clutter (keep here, keep but move somewhere else, recycle, donate furniture or other items, sell)
  • Add structure if needed (boxes, shelf, coat rack, shoe rack, small table) – you might need to improvise something temporarily
  • Add other items if you like (pictures, mirror, ornaments)
  • Put the ‘keep here’ things back, grouping similar items together
  • Other immediate jobs (put things away elsewere, bin it, recycle it)
  • Choose timeframe for other tasks (go to charity shop, mend shoes, list on Vinted)
  • Make a shopping list (what do you still need for this space, if anything?)

Also consider safety and security: don’t leave handbags, keys, purses or other valuables in sight of nearby windows. Consider using boxes, pots or drawers instead, and keep ‘keyless’ car keys in a signal-blocking pouch or box, such as a Faraday bag.

You might need to buy a few organising items here, such as a sleek console table to suit the space, a boot rack or shoe store, coat hooks or a coat stand, or a storage bench or boxes.

On the decorative side of things you might also like to think about attractive and durable/scrubbable paint designed for high traffic areas, mirrors (huge range at Dunelm), pictures, vases and so on.

hallway declutter ideas inspired by Homebase

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What’s happening here

We keep our hallway fairly tidy as it is, but our coat hooks are in the cupboard under the stairs rather than in the hall. As ever, out of sight usually means out of mind.

I’ve gone through the coats on the hooks, moving unseasonal ones into storage and keeping the most used this-season ones within easy reach for a quick getaway in the morning.

There was one coat that had seen better days, but still had some wear left in it, so I gave it a wash and dry before the end of the week. Then it was taken to a charity drop off point that weekend. Clutter begone!

That’s how to do an effective, speedy hallway declutter, even if you’re short of time.

How could you quickly tidy, organise and improve your hall today?

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