McVitie’s Breakfast range review including Oaty Breaks

mcvities breakfast oaty breaks review penny golightly

We all know that skipping breakfast isn’t good for us, but the conditions that lead to it are all too common. Someone at work arranges a ridiculously early meeting, you have to go to a conference miles from where you live, your schedule is so full you get up extra-early, you’re running around after your nearest and dearest, or, er, you’re so knackered that you sleep through your alarm.

At times like these you’re never going to settle down for a full English, or a healthy early morning meal, and there might not be time to run into a cafe for something to take away either. Skipping breakfast entirely can leave you feeling sluggish or distracted by hunger pangs, and a bar of chocolate or similar snacks might be too sickly sweet.

Step forward all the various ranges that different companies have recently been aiming at the breakfast snack market. They all offer something fuss-free and convenient that you can grab on the way out of the house, although some of them are nicer or more convenient than the others. Few of them could be described as ultra-healthy, but they’re better for you than eating sweets or going without food.

It was with interest that I accepted the opportunity to try out the new McVitie’s Breakfast range of biscuits. The launch includes Breakfast Biscuits (oats & honey or oats & red berries), Fruit & Oat Bakes (oats & apple or oats & blueberries), and Oaty Breaks (raisin & cinnamon or golden syrup).

The Breakfast Biscuits are similar many of their rivals by other brands, but the flavours are a little different and you can feel the texture of the added oats. If you like breakfast biscuits in general then you’ll probably like these for a bit of variety. The Fruit & Oat Bakes remind me of oaty versions of garibaldi biscuits or Go Ahead slices and are probably best suited to people who have a slightly sweet tooth.

The stand-out product for me was the Oaty Breaks. These are sold in boxes containing six packs of two fingers, and they’re robust enough to survive being thrown into most handbags or rucksacks. They’re also easy to eat, not too strongly flavoured if you’re feeling delicate during an early morning, and won’t crumble all over you on the train or bus. They’re a convenient standby for emergencies, and they’re also handy if you’re feeling peckish after a gym visit or you have a long journey home after work.

Full disclosure: Review samples supplied by PR company. No payment has changed hands, and all thoughts and opinions are my own without any editorial interference.

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