McIlhenny Tabasco green jalapeno and chipotle sauce review

Mcilhenny Tabasco chipotle sauce jalapeno review

I’m always looking for low-priced but delicious ways to make simpler meals more tasty, interesting and memorable. It’s essential to have a few herbs, spices, sauces and other ingredients in your store cupboard for this purpose, and sometimes the time is right to really spice it up, especially during barbecue weather.

Today’s Treats Under a Tenner are two offerings from the McIlhenny Company, better known as the people who make those iconic red bottles of Tabasco sauce. I’ve picked out their Green Jalapeno sauce and their Chipotle sauce because they have multiple uses, not least of which is to give your BBQ some zip and zing.

First up, we have the Green Jalapeno version of Tabasco. This is a far milder heat than classic Tabasco, so it will appeal to a lot of people who swear that they ‘don’t do chilli’, as well as chilli fans who are into trying something different every now and then. After all, a chilli pepper has a range and depth of flavour to it, not just heat.

This sauce is more tangy and piquant and has a fruity vegetable pepper character to it, and since it doesn’t sear the roof of your mouth off it pairs brilliantly with food that has subtler flavours. In particular, it goes very well with grilled fish and seafood, vegetable kebabs, and egg dishes. A quick dash of it can transform a plate of herby scrambled eggs, a salad dressing, or a Bloody Mary.

Next we have the Chipotle Tabasco sauce. This is mild to medium heat compared with original red Tabasco sauce, and it really makes me think of the summery months. In particular, it has a pleasantly smoky taste that makes me think of charcoal grills, wood fired ovens and barbecues.

This stuff is great dashed straight onto burgers, sausages and anything off the coals. It’s also excellent in marinades, added to ketchup and other relishes, or sprinkled sparingly onto cheese on toast, bean dishes and American-style pizzas.

Unsurprisingly, these delicious sauces have spawned a number of imitators, but I think it’s best to experience the originals for yourself. They have the added bonus of keeping well for many months after you’ve opened them.

By the way, if you are a fan of stronger chilli heat, you might like to try their Habanero hot sauce too.

The green jalapeno and chipotle versions of Tabasco sauce are widely available in larger supermarkets, RRP £1.79 and £1.89 respectively, including Tesco and Ocado. Chuck one in your basket next time you’re shopping.

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