March Spring Clean: Tenner Week: Day 6

It’s Day 6 of this latest Tenner Week, and so far it’s working out OK with a little planning and a little effort. I’ve been running errands for most of the day, but now it’s time to stay sociable and reply to all my emails before going to bed.

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You don’t have to stick to emails if you don’t want to though. All you have to do is find a way to keep in touch with someone in your social circle today, whether that’s a Google hangout, FaceTime, a phone call, a letter or card, or meeting up in person. And no, facebook ‘likes’ don’t count, sorry.

It’s in here because in reality, living on a very tight budget from week to week can often be an isolating experience, and it’s good to combat this sort of feeling.

I’ve been keeping busy. In a moment of insanity I got up early and cleared out the mini greenhouse before work this morning, getting all the herbs etc moved out and sorted so there was room for this season’s seedlings. Seriously, don’t know what got into me, unless it’s the Spring equinox. Then I took some stuff out of the freezer to defrost by the evening.

While I was out, I picked up some sour cream in the supermarket, and bought a packet of cheap and nasty crisps to eat on the train home. Tonight we had a lovely dinner of poached smoked haddock, fresh veggies and my own take on Dauphinoise potatoes (sage, onion and sour cream). Since a certain amount of time and effort was involved tonight, tomorrow’s all about leftovers.

We also ran out of bread and I didn’t want to buy any more, so I used a batch of homemade dough from the freezer to make some poppy seed rolls. Glad I sorted out the spice rack earlier this month, had forgotten the poppy seeds were in there – love ’em. That’s lunch sorted tomorrow, which is also the last day of the March Spring Clean Tenner Week. Let’s go out in style…

Spent today: £1.29

Total spent so far: £7.44

TV watched today: 40 minutes

TV watched so far: 180 minutes



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