March Spring Clean: Tenner Week: Day 5

Tenner Week rolls on, and I’m improvising, making do and mending like the best of them. How’s your Tenner Week going? Are you doing some Spring Cleaning this month?

Today is ‘beauty night‘ – and it’s not just for the girly girls, it’s for everyone. We all need to take care of ourselves and relax. After all, anyone can use a bit of E45, have a soak in the tub, or go to bed earlier than usual. I’ve used a bit of deep conditioner on my hair, and slapped some unscented body lotion all over myself and changed into my PJs, taking it easy. Forgot to do my usual pedicure, but thank goodness it’s nowhere near warm enough to be sandals weather, eh?

tenner week jump start march spring clean beauty night

On a night like this, it’s easy to avoid watching the gogglebox, but The Beau and I decided we wanted to watch a show while we ate our dinner. It was recorded, so I missed out the credits and the ads.

Dinner was tasty. I found a load of flour tortillas at the bottom of the freezer, and made a black bean chilli with onions, garlic, plenty of spices, leftover red pepper from yesterday, and canned black beans, tomatoes and sweetcorn. Just what you want on a chilly evening. I served it up with homemade tomato salsa, fresh parsley and a dollop of plain yogurt. It’s amazing what’s lurking in the fridge and cupboards, especially as we haven’t restocked since the building work. There was enough veg chilli for two leftover portions, as well as tonight’s meal.

Should also mention I had a salad for lunch with baby leaves, fresh thyme (a bonus from pruning the plant back in the garden) and the last of the leftover artichoke hearts and goat cheese.

Spent today: £0.00

Total spent so far: £6.15

TV watched today: 30 minutes

Total TV watched: 140 minutes



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