March Spring Clean: Tenner Week: Day 3

Nearly half way though Tenner Week already during our March Spring Clean.  Hope you’re still sticking to that budget.

Today’s activity is a good one for a lazy Sunday: we’re going to find ourselves a freebie.

tenner week march spring clean jump start find a freebie get freebies

There are plenty of freebies out there, if you know where to look. For example:

  • Free samples on brand websites and facebook pages
  • Magazine and newspaper giveaways
  • Tasters in delis, markets, supermarkets
  • Free tickets or open events

As your budget for the week is just £10, it goes without saying that it’s probably best to go for freebies where there’s no purchase necessary. There are loads of freebie sites and forums out there, including Freebies365 and Magic Freebies, so it should be easy to track something down today that’s worth having.

We have free tickets printed out for the Ideal Home Show, so that’s a Sunday jaunt for nothing. Of course, freebies like this can lead you into spending temptation so I’ll be ‘taking notes for later’ if I see anything lovely, rather than buying anything there and then.

Lunch at home will be sandwiches, and dinner will be some kind of roast with homegrown curly kale on the side.

Have you seen any good freebies lately? Care to share?

Today’s spend: £2.50 (coffee)

Total spend so far: £4.30


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