March Spring Clean: Tenner Week: Day 2

Hello! How’s your budget looking today? It’s Day 16 of this Jump Start month, and it’s Day 2 of Tenner Week, so we have another activity coming up.

march spring clean tenner week jump start going out on a budget

Today we’re going to go out and do stuff without spending too much money. Now, this is likely to be a tricky one, especially if you regularly spend your Saturday afternoons shopping etc, but there are lots of options if you look around.

Depending on the weather, you could:

  • Plan a walk somewhere
  • Go to a free event
  • Attend a free class or talk
  • Go to your local library
  • Do some volunteering
  • …and so on

Local noticeboards, newspapers and various websites will all have ‘What’s On’ sort of information. Just have a dig.

Here, it’s chucking it down with rain so our planned trip has sort of been rained off. However, there was always a Plan B, so we’re doing stuff around the house for the morning, and going out for tea and gossip locally in the afternoon.

I’ve done the first steps of a sourdough starter today too, so perhaps in a week’s time we’ll be having some nice fancy home made bread as well. There are additional rumours that Beau is going to make some kind of apple cake, to use up some slightly bruised fruit, so I’ll keep you posted about that.

Meanwhile, it’ll be toasted cheese and spring onion sandwiches plus salad for lunch, and tuna with stir fry veg for dinner, so nobody’s going to go hungry. No idea why, but I seem to look forward to my dinner more during a Tenner Week. Perhaps it concentrates the attention.

How’s your Tenner Week going? Can you live on £10 for a week?

Spent today: £1.80 (tea)

Total spent so far: £1.80

TV watched today: 60 minutes (forgot to tell Beau to turn the bloody telly off this morning)

Total TV watched: 90 minutes


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