March Spring Clean: Day 8

It’s Day 8 of our latest Jump Start month, which means it’s time for a change of theme. Last week we were cleaning up and decluttering, and this week we’re looking at organising our finances and getting one or two projects done within budget.

Today it’s time to find a proper home for all those random bits of paper that tend to end up all over the place, and you sometimes need to find in a hurry.

march spring clean jump start file manuals and guarantees

Grab a couple of smart storage boxes or box files, and collect up all your guarantees, warranties and user manuals. If they have a tendency to collect in a certain spot in your house, such as the kitchen drawer, it’s probably easiest if you leave your files or boxes in or near this spot too.

Check through the paperwork before filing it. You may find that you need to fill a form in and post it off for a guarantee to become valid.

You might also find that you’re being offered a free gift that’s worth having. For example, our coffee machine had a voucher for four really nice coffee cups/glasses in the box when it arrived – we sent off for them and there were no catches or extra costs, just an excellent freebie.


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