March Spring Clean: Day 6

Another quick March Spring Clean for you today to make your living space lighter and brighter.

jump start march spring clean windows

Today the quick task is to pick one window and give it a good clean. Maybe the sort of window that gets forgotten, like the ones over front doors, or one in a room that you don’t use very often, or maybe one that has some paint spots on it that could do with scraping off.

The traditional version is to get out the distilled vinegar and wipe everything down with newspaper, but that’s not compulsory (although it is pretty environment-friendly).

We’ve just managed to get rid of our builders, who have done a rather crappy job of cleaning after themselves, so I’ve been out the back of the house with the hosepipe on pressure setting. Feels good getting rid of all that grit and plaster and sawdust.

Couldn’t be bothered to go ‘the whole Windowlene hog’, although the worst of the crap has been washed away and I’m happy with that. Let’s face it, I’m never going to be the poster girl for rabid Stepford-ism… but it’s nice to be able to see out of the kitchen window again.


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