March Spring Clean: Day 5

Day five of the March Spring Clean already – how’s your Jump Start month going so far?

Today we are going to, er, get around to it. You know that small, annoying task or job that really needs doing, but you keep putting it off? The one everyone says, ‘oh, I’ll do it when I get around to it’? That one.

march spring clean jump start when I get around to it

Most households have a small list of things to do like this. Pick one that you can complete in the space of a few minutes and simply get it out of the way.

For example, you could:

  • Glue something back together
  • Hang a picture up
  • Sew a button back on something
  • Punch a new hole in a belt
  • Change some laces
  • Put filler into a dent in a wall or doorframe
  • Tack a loose bit of carpet back down
  • Put sealant around a bath or sink

Today I have fixed our doorbell chime more firmly onto the wall, and removed an old latch from a doorframe that’s been snagging my clothes. The whole thing took less than eight minutes, and I’m glad it’s all done and out of the way. Finally got around to it…


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