March Spring Clean: Day 3

It’s the third day of the March Spring Clean, our latest Jump Start month, and we are carrying on with the first week of cleaning and decluttering. Today is for smartening up our wardrobes and our appearances, and our feet.

spring clean jump start shoes

Yes, Day Three is shoe day. It’s time to go through all your footwear, make it justify its existence, and then give the survivors some tender loving care.

Here we go:

  • Get hold of all your shoes, boots, sandals etc, and put them all together. They often end up spread out around our homes, so gather them up.
  • Is there anything that’s beyond repair? If so, bin it.
  • Is there anything that doesn’t fit, or hurts your feet so much that it’s unwearable? Put it aside to sell, swap or donate.
  • Is there anything you don’t really like, that doesn’t suit you, or that you haven’t worn in over two years? Again, put it aside to sell, swap or donate.
  • Take the contents of the bin outside to the dustbin, and come back and look at the remaining shoes and boots.
  • Does anything need mending or repairing? Look at soles, heels, insoles etc. Put this footwear to one side and take it to the shoe menders within one week, or make small repairs yourself today.
  • Take the remaining shoes and boots, and wipe and polish them, or use suede or fabric protector as needed.
  • Decide how to organise your shoe storage, and stuff shoes with tissue paper if their toes need help keeping their shape.
  • Add boxes, shelves, shoe trees or other storage as needed. If you have a lot of shoes or boots, one way to keep them organised it by putting pictures of them on the ends of their boxes so you can easily see what the contents are.

There we are, shoe heaven. Do you have any shoe care or organisation tips to share?


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