March Spring Clean: Day 27

We are nearing the end of our massive March Spring Clean – how have you enjoyed this month’s Jump Start?

Today we are fighting back against the cold weather and getting some exercise indoors. Yes, I know that sounds iffy, and no, I don’t care. It’s all good clean fun. Now let’s get that blood pumping.

march spring clean jump start exercise indoors

When it’s so icy and nasty outside, it’s very tempting to cancel that run or that bike ride, and maybe, just maybe, sometimes it’s the sensible option too for safety reasons. But it shouldn’t be an excuse for doing no exercise at all.

Pace yourself according to your fitness levels and try any of the following:

· An exercise DVD, download or channel
· Some sit ups, star jumps and running on the spot
· Games console such as Wii or Kinect
· Dancing to your favourite music (extra points for dancing badly)
· Yoga or Pilates matwork
· Home equipment: weights, machines, pull-up bars etc

Good luck keeping warm!


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