March Spring Clean: Day 26

The last few days of the March Spring Clean are here to get you feeling healthier and happier, and looking goood.┬áRemember that if you’re busy at any point this week, you can simply catch up with the activities at the weekends because they’re all quick and easy to do.

Today is all about keeping it simple. We’re going to have some simple, less processed food.

march spring clean jump start simple foods unprocessed foods

All you have to do today is avoid heavily processed foods, especially ones that are highly refined and that contain lots of additives.

For example you could have:

  • Porridge, simple muesli or an omelette for breakfast
  • Snacks of fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts or veg sticks
  • Baked potato or home made soup for lunch
  • A simple dinner such as grilled meat/fish with grains/potatoes and veggies, or a vegetable stew with rice and beans for dinner

It doesn’t have to be complicated at all, and most of these meal ideas are really quick to throw together. It’s a chance to be kind to your digestive system and metabolism.

While I’m not completely down on E numbers, it’s good to have a break from highly processed foods once in a while and it’s an easy way to get some nice fresh foods into your diet.

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