March Spring Clean: Day 25

How are you getting on this week? Keeping warm and toasty where you are? Today we are going all out for some silly fun.

It’s a chance to cut loose, act like a big kid and generally be stupid (in a good way). Why? Because sometimes we get too caught up in the daily grind and workaday existence, especially if funds are low. This gold, grey country needs more light-hearted fun. Yes!

march spring clean jump start silly fun

Have a think back to hobbies you used to have when you were a tiny kid, or things you liked to collect, or even things that you liked to eat. Not the things you think you *should* tell people that you liked, but the things you actually *did* like.

Now give yourself some ‘pocket money’ if needed, and get yourself and your inner kid a treat.

For example you could:

  • Spend £2 at a pound shop on paints, felt tip pens, or other craft materials and make something bright and daft
  • Track down the sweets you loved most, or your favourite crisps or ice cream
  • Watch cartoons or download a vintage TV show
  • Put some colourful clothes on

Poundland, here I come… And if somebody could blow a big raspberry at Grumpy Cat while I’m out, that would be excellent.

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  1. Pthrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (Sound of raspberry being blown at grumpy cat) 🙂

  2. Thanks Jackie – put that old miseryguts in his place. Lighten up, Grumpy Cat!

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