March Spring Clean: Day 24

Need to get happy on a frosty morning? Today we are going to look at one of the top ten activities that can boost your happiness levels, according to quite a large body of research.

It’s time for some altruism. Today, all you have to do is do something to help somebody else. Carry out a selfless gesture, it’s not something that’s done to get thanked or to make anyone feel like they owe you. And don’t listen to Grumpy Cat, he’s being a bit of an arse this morning.

march spring clean jump start volunteer help others

Putting your focus onto others takes your mind off some of your own problems, makes you feel part of something bigger, it can be very sociable, and it really gives you the feel good factor.

You could:

  • Make a charity donation or sponsor someone (and use Gift Aid)
  • Donate your time (try local organisations or Volunteering England, Timebank, Red Cross, etc)
  • Check in on an elderly neighbour during the cold weather (offer to walk dogs, fetch groceries, bring a hot meal)
  • Improve your local environment (pick up some litter, pull up some weeds, call the council about a problem)

Today I’m adding an extra layer of thermals over my thermals, and going out to help create the first part of the 2013 kitchen garden at a nearby shelter for homeless people. No whingeing about the cold allowed! It will hopefully help the resident chef make some fresh, varied, healthy and thrifty meals over the coming months.

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