March Spring Clean: Day 22

Did you get through Tenner Week in one piece? It’s time to get on with the rest of our March Spring Clean, and this week’s theme is Look and feel better – there’s a new simple action each day to get you turned out nicely and feeling tip top.

As with most Jump Start weeks, don’t worry if you miss a day here and there. They’re all designed to be quick and easy so that you can catch up at the weekend. Perfect if you have a busy lifestyle. To see us through the week, we have a new friend. Say hello to Grumpy Cat.

mach spring clean jump start minor ailments over the counter

The task today is to go over the counter and sort out a minor ailment. Just about everyone has a minor health problem from time to time, often these are recurring problems too. All you have to do today is take action to sort out your problem, either by visiting a pharmacist (if it’s a new ailment, don’t self-diagnose – ask the pharmacist for advice or visit your GP) or using an over the counter treatment that you already have.

For example, you may have cracked skin on your heels, a small area of eczema, a little dandruff, a few spots, athlete’s foot, a verruca, an ingrowing toenail, etc (hopefully not all of those at once). Admittedly this is not at all glamorous, but it’s the sort of thing most people put off and it’s usually cheap and easy to sort out.

Me? I have managed to develop a deeply un-chic spot on my chin, just in time for the weekend. Most unfortunate. I’ve put on some exfoliating liquid and some antibacterial cream, and I’m hoping for the best. By the way, most spot treatments on the shelves at a pharmacy are pretty useless and can also cause excessive irritation, so it’s definitely best to speak to the pharmacist about an over the counter preparation.


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