March Spring Clean: Day 2

It’s the second day of this new Jump Start month, where we’re taking one small action each day to add up to significant change by the end of our March Spring Clean.

Today’s bit of spring cleaning is the bottom drawer. It’s the drawer in most chests of drawers that’s usually the most forgotten and neglected, and it’s often the one that’s filled with a lot of clutter that we don’t need to hold on to any more.

march spirng clean jump start bottom drawer

So, it’s time to tackle that overstuffed, junk-filled space.

Here’s the spring clean:

  • Take everything out of the drawer
  • Wipe the inside of the drawer clean, and allow to dry
  • Add lining paper if you like
  • Sort through the drawer contents and class them as ‘keep’, ‘throw away’, ‘sell’ and ‘donate’. Be ruthless.
  • If you’re keeping something, give it a wash or clean if it’s been sat in the drawer for longer than six months, then put it away where it belongs.
  • Get the ‘throw away’ items straight out into the bin or the recycling, don’t leave them sitting around in your home.
  • Put anything in the ‘sell’ category on sale within a week.
  • Take anything you’ve decided to donate to the charity shop, collection point or depot within a week.

I’ve bagged up and taken some old t-shirts to the clothing donations bin around the corner, and now my drawer closes properly for once.


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  1. Interestingly I’m finding that most of what I need to chuck away from cluttered drawers is packaging – boxes that things have been sitting in that take up five times the space of the things themselves! These have now been dealt with. And as I mentioned elsewhere, I’ve also found the best part of a tenner lurking in old handbags and holiday knapsacks that are stuffed in there – that’s my coffees sorted for the next week!

  2. Hi Abi – finding money or at least one or two things to sell is always such a nice bonus. Enjoy your well-earned coffees 🙂

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