Make Money Challenge: Week 9

A couple of weeks ago I started making a bit more of an effort with this particular challenge, and this week it’s finally started to pay off. Check out the totaliser!

Make Money Challenge week 9

The only thing that’s different since last week’s round-up is that several sales have been completed on eBay. I took advantage of that free listings weekend I mentioned a way back, and the rest, as they say is history. Even managed to sell a paperback book, and they seem to be increasingly difficult to offload.

I’ve also had some non-sales that I’ve re-listed, a couple of late payers (now sorted), and what looks like two probable non-payers. I’ll just re-list the items from the non-payers in due course, and they can feel my positive yet negative feedback wrath…if I can be bothered. It’s very annoying that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback about dodgy buyers – how else are you supposed to warn other sellers? I can see why so many sellers are considering eBid or defecting to Amazon.

By the way, you have to take people like this through the dispute process, otherwise you still have to pay the eBay fees on the sale, and this process takes eight full days in total as the absolute minimum. Also, if you open the case manually, you also have to remember to close it manually, or you’ll lose out on the fee refund. I’ve now activated their non-payment dispute assistant software, which automates the whole process for you.

The big picture is looking rosy, though. After paying for fees, postage and couriers, I’ve banked a profit of £122.66 this week. This is a big stride towards meeting my target and I’m feeling a lot happier.

Got some more auctions finishing over the weekend, so hopefully they will bring a little more cash in too. After that, I won’t be able to list anything until the start of November due to eBay’s private seller limits, so I’ll have to look at other ways to earn in the meantime.

Meanwhile, I’ve had nothing at all from TopCashback, Qmee or Swagbucks, but them’s the breaks. There is a semi-decent amount in the ‘pending’ section at TopCashback, so it’s probably just a case of being patient.

Meanwhile, the totaliser is now at an encouraging £204.51. Hurrah.

Are you trying to earn a little extra money this month? Might be nice to have some more cash in the run-up to Christmas.

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