Make Money Challenge: Week 8

It’s the start of Week 8 of my current money-making challenge, and things are finally starting to pick up some momentum. Fingers crossed, I might be able to go out and buy my much-wanted new laptop in the January sales – but only if I keep at it.

make money challenge week 8

As expected, the biggest money-maker is still eBay, and I sold seven more items on Sunday night. After accounting for eBay fees, PayPal fees and recent purchase of packaging materials, I’ve made a profit of  £34.41. Not too bad, and it’s all part of decluttering the house too. Meanwhile, I managed to get another 30 or so items listed for next weekend, which should really help a lot towards the total, and I’m planning on starting another 10-day sale from this Thursday evening too.

TopCashback continues to pay out in dribs and drabs, and I’ve managed to cash out £1.06 since last time. It’s essentially money for nothing so I can’t knock that, but it might be a few weeks before the bulk of the money owed has cleared.

Qmee has run me up another 16p, and again that’s money for nothing so I’m happy to get that.

No payout yet from Swagbucks, and to be entirely honest this is so far down the priorities list that I haven’t even looked at it over the weekend. Once I’ve run out of things to sell, it might be a different matter though. The same goes for surveys and customer research.

This all brings the running total to £77.59, which feels more like progress and has been tucked away in a savings account so it doesn’t accidentally get spent. No slacking off now!

Are you trying to raise some extra cash this month? What are you saving up for?

Full disclosure: The links above are my refer-a-friend links. If you sign up to any of the services mentioned using these links it will be at no extra cost to you, but it might make this site a small amount of money. Once signed up, you will be able to invite your own friends in turn. Any money this site raises in this way will be mentioned and put towards the total of my Laptop Challenge.

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