Make Money Challenge: Week 6

It’s the last day of Week 6 of my Make Money Challenge, and I’ve made a few more pounds here and there. I’ve also been really busy putting some more time and effort into it, but that won’t pay off for a little while longer…

make money challenge week 6

I sold a couple of things on eBay last week, and have decided to move over to 10-day auctions as they get by far the best results, especially if you run them over two weekends and end them on a Sunday. That meant rescheduling some of my current auctions, which meant I had nothing ending this weekend.

It has been a bit hectic around here in the last few days, but I’ve finally managed to get a quiet Sunday to myself to get things sorted out properly. That includes washing and ironing clothes to sell, and listing up to the maximum amount on eBay…or so I thought. Turns out that between the 10th and the 19th of October, private sellers will now be able to list up to 100 items without having to pay extra insertion fees (normally you can only list 20 per month before being hit with the extra charges).

Since I found that out, I’ve been going around the place doing some extra decluttering. Might as well clear that backlog and get closer to my target as fast as possible.

Not sold any books yet, but that might be a job for next weekend.

I’ve cashed out another £1.81 from TopCashback, and am waiting for some more cashback to clear.

Qmee has given me a princely 37p, but it’s money for not really doing very much and every little helps.

I’ve visited Swagbucks a couple of times, but it requires a lot of regular effort to get the points. As it’s really quite low paying, I’m prioritising other tasks instead, and might come back to it later. Some people claim to make £450 per year from the site, but they must be on there for well over an hour each day and it’s time I don’t have right now.

Once the big eBaying effort is out of the way, I’ll be looking at surveys and other customer research.

The total raised so far after fees etc is £41.96. By the time we’re into Week 8, I’m hoping for a significant improvement on that.

Are you trying to raise some extra cash this month? What are you saving up for?

Full disclosure: The links above are my refer-a-friend links. If you sign up to any of the services mentioned using these links it will be at no extra cost to you, but it might make this site a small amount of money. Once signed up, you will be able to invite your own friends in turn. Any money this site raises in this way will be mentioned and put towards the total of my Laptop Challenge.

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