Make Money Challenge: Week 2

It’s the second week of the Make Money Challenge, and I’m making a bit of progress already after getting off to a reasonable start last week. Here’s what’s been working so far, and what I’m planning on trying next..

Make money challenge week 2

1. As expected, selling unwanted stuff on eBay has shown the fastest results and given the biggest return for the time invested. Not everything sold, but you can relist items for free three times so maybe next time lucky. After PayPal fees, VAT and eBay sellers fees etc have been applied, I’ve made £16.90 after allowing for postage.

My next step will be to focus more on selling, starting with listing the rest of my 20-item eBay allowance for private sellers. I’ll be looking at other marketplaces and opportunities after that…

2. Still deciding what to do with extra books, but will probably list and sell them individually as I think I’ll get more return for my effort. Researching Amazon Marketplace next…

3. On the cashback front, I have about £4 confirmed with TopCashback and more pending. That’s pretty good so far, and I just need to be patient for a while longer to get my hands on it as all cashback companies take a while to pay out. One to stick with, I think.

4. Qmee has paid out a couple of quid already, but I haven’t seen any new clickable links during web searches this week. More on this situation when I know what’s happening.

5. After a few days of using Swagbucks I’ve realised that it is quite time consuming. You get more points if you go on every day, including additional bonuses for hitting targets, so it might work if you’re at a loose end on a regular basis. For the time being, though, I’m a bit too busy to make that investment so I’m just dropping in here and there and doing the easiest tasks. Think I’ve earned the equivalent of just under £1, but can’t cash out until it’s reached £5 so am not counting it in the total.

6. I’ve downloaded a couple of apps that might be a way of making a few pounds here and there. I’ll review at least one of them in the next few days.

Are you making some extra money at the moment? What’s working for you?

Full disclosure: The links above are my refer-a-friend links. If you sign up to any of the services mentioned using these links it will be at no extra cost to you, but it might make this site a small amount of money. Once signed up, you will be able to invite your own friends in turn. Any money this site raises in this way will be mentioned and put towards the total of my Laptop Challenge.

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  1. Good 4 u hun, yer doin really well!! I ave an increasin pile of stuff in my spare room which is destined 4 Ebay I just need a kick in the backside 2 list it! In my defence a good majority of it is baby clothes n there wasn’t any point listin them outa season. I really must get it sorted asap tho…

  2. Hi Allison, my spare room is where all this stuff is piling up too, dying to get it sorted out 🙂

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