Make Money Challenge: Week 10

It’s Week 10 of the latest Make Money Challenge, and it’s also the final week for me because I’ve finally reached my savings target. Phew.

make money challenge week 10

Since the last update I’ve had two more batches of sales finishing on eBay, and made £131.51 profit after paying for things like fees and postage.

This has proven to me beyond any doubt that if you want to raise funds in a short space of time, the best option is still selling goods directly. That could be eBay or other auction sites, doing a car boot sale, or selling via Amazon, Gumtree, Preloved or your local paper.

It’s still the best way to raise the most money. It pays to cut out the middleman nearly every time.

And having heard the tip of concentrating sales to coincide with payday, I think there’s definitely something in that too, and will be ending my auctions right at the end of a month next time I do some.

There’s also been another small payout from TopCashback, and I’ve cashed out £3.08 this time. The rest of it might take another couple of months to clear, about £40 of it that I can’t use in this challenge, but maybe I’ll add that into another challenge later.

So the grand total is now £339.10. I think I could have got there a bit faster if I hadn’t slacked off with sorting out listings during the first month, but that’s one big lesson learned for next time.

Now it’s time to get out there and start looking for a new laptop… Can’t wait!

Have you made any extra cash recently? How have you been getting on with your savings targets?

Full disclosure: The links above are my refer-a-friend links. If you sign up to any of the services mentioned using these links it will be at no extra cost to you, but it might make this site a small amount of money. Once signed up, you will be able to invite your own friends in turn. Any money this site raises in this way will be mentioned and put towards the total of my Laptop Challenge.

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  1. Well done Penny – that’s amazing!!! Just goes to show that people will buy pretty much anything on eBay if it’s well listed & has good photos.

    You should be able to get a pretty good laptop for £330 odd quid. What make are you going to get?

  2. I’m inspired. I know we have enough cast offs that would be other people’s treasure. I’m not sure I could stay on top of e-bay, but planning ahead for a yard sale next spring seems like a good route.

  3. Hi Jackie – thanks very much! It is a bit harder to sell print books and CDs etc now, especially the books as postage isn’t cheap and people can often get a better price when they buy the ebook version (new). I also have to say that now eBay charges fees on the total price, including the postage, you have to be very careful starting certain items off at 99p. That said, it’s still a reasonably reliable way to raise fast cash.

    Hi Sam – staying on top of eBay isn’t that difficult if you have a simple system. I’ve been keeping the sale items grouped together in designated boxes or one side of the wardrobe, and making notes as I go along. The other thing that’s helped is doing everything in bulk: photos, listings, packing and posting. Definitely saved some time that way. We don’t really have yard sales in the UK, they’re quite rare here and don’t tend to raise that much money for the seller unfortunately.

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