Lottie London nail polish in Sand Castle review

Lottie London nail polish review varnish Sand Castle LL053 Penny Golightly

This week’s reasonably-priced Treat Under a Tenner is very girly and summery (I’ll review something a bit more unisex next week, for balance but otherwise…enjoy), and is one of the new Lottie London range of cosmetics. It’s a Lottie London nail polish in Sand Castle.

If you don’t know about Lottie London, they’re a new brand that launched a few weeks ago. Their main offerings are nail polishes / lacquers in a range of beautiful colours, nail accessories, mirrors and makeup brushes. While their target audience is late teens to mid twenties, their products are nicely made and designed and are likely to appeal to an older, makeup-savvy audience too.

What makes me think that? Well, the main thing that tipped me off is that I heard Lottie London is brought to you by the company that owns Ciate, in all its gorgeous cult-designery nail goodness.

The reason I was so quick to give the Lottie London Sand Castle nail polish a try was that it instantly reminded me of Ciate’s Golden Sands, which is an old favourite of mine for the summer months. Once on, it turns out that Sand Castle is indeed a very close dupe for Golden Sands, but with a significantly smaller price tag. Well, you know how much we love a good designer dupe around here, don’t you?

Lottie London Sand Castle is described as a ‘sunshine gold’, but it would be more accurate to describe it as a mid-toned nude-brown with a slight golden shimmer. The colour is soft and flattering with hints of taupe, and it looks great when an occasional ray of sunshine hits it. Perfect for a sophisticated bronzy beach look, but you can wear it into the Autumn too and it suits most skin tones.

The pots are satisfyingly chunky and hold a generous 12ml of product. Their brushes are just the right size and shape, and perform far better than most other brands in this price range, and the product goes on smoothly with plenty of pigment. With this particular shade you could get away with one coat to get a wash of colour, although I’d imagine some of the creme colours in the range would need at least a couple of coats to get an opaque effect. As with most nail colours, it lasts longer with a top coat.

All in all, this is a nice find from a fun new brand. I’ll be going back to try a few more of these soon, I’m sure.

Lottie London nail polish in Sand Castle is available from Superdrug priced £5.99. All single items in the Lottie London collection cost less than £10, and they’re worth checking out. This week there’s also a cute free makeup bag being given away with makeup orders with a total value of £15 or more, in case you’re interested.

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