Lost in transportation

OK, hands up everyone who’s bought gifts online for their friends and loved ones this Christmas, and have realised that they’re not going to arrive in time. Yep, quite a lot of us, then.

Things are being thrown into warehouses, no revised delivery dates are being given, and stuff you booked in November isn’t even going to make it. Rumour has it that only the super-expensive express deliveries have a hope of getting through… Oh, and lots and lots of items have been stolen in transit – don’t forget to claim and kick off if you think something’s been nicked.

Times are tight, and this year, more than ever before, people worked out that you tend to get a better deal if you shop on t’internet. Plus you don’t have to trudge around in the sleet. And of course for our pains, millions of us are now having to deal with the problem of HAVING NO GIFT TO GIVE TO OUR LOVED ONES WHEN THE BIG DAY COMES AROUND.

Yes, that’s right. Empty handed. So, what can you do? A lot of people are going to end up panic buying something in person, and then maybe hoping to return the late stuff. However, that’s more outlay than a lot of us can afford right now, so what are the more financially sensible alternatives?

First of all, let me suggest The ‘I.O.U.’ Find a nice card or make an interesting one, and hand it over with your Xmas card to explain their gift has been bought but it’s going to be a little late. Any adult worth knowing will understand what’s happened, and they’re probably in the same position themselves.

That said, the Golightly Towers I.O.U.s will be a little more edgy than that. Armed with glue, scissors, and the rubbish local papers they insist on shoving through the doors round here, I’ll be making some ransom notes using cut-out letters. They will read something along the lines of  ‘Jimmy, we have kidnapped your X-box. Get some cash together and wait for further instructions.’ Inside they’ll be signed ‘Yours, The Post Office.’

You can also give a stop-gap gift, something tiny like a stocking filler or a home made treat. Try some of these ideas for edible and non-edible last minute gifts you can make yourself.

Good luck, and I hope the postie turns up soon with your goodies.

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  1. What an excellent idea! I have my presents already but am definitely going to bear this in mind for snowy winters in future…

  2. Ha ha ha ha !!! Brilliant idea – I’m getting the paper and scissors out now, I want to make a ransom note just in case my Amazon order doesn’t show up.

  3. great plan, am still holding out hope for my parcels, but if not a more creative I.O.U seems a good idea 🙂

  4. Hi there, I won a Caritaz bracelet on a competition on your site a while ago, and this is a timely post – I was going to email you to let you know that I wasn’t being rude in my lack of thanks to you, but I just haven’t received the bracelet yet. Hopefully it’s just backlogged with the rest of the country’s post!

  5. Diane, Jackie and Lizzie – glad you like it! I’m a bit narked with the post at the moment so it seemed like a bit of a laugh.

    Catriona – oh no, so sorry to hear that. I’ll get on to Caritaz right away and ask if there’s anything that can be done. Will email you as soon as I know what’s happening.

  6. What an excellent idea! I have my presents already but am definitely going to bear this in mind for snowy winters in future…

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