Lily O’Brien’s Delectably Dark orange and bergamot ganache bar review


Lily O’Brien’s released seven premium chocolate bars earlier this year, and I’ve just had the chance to sample some of them. One of them impressed me so much that it’s earned itself the Treat Of The Week spot, namely the Delectably Dark Orange & Bergamot Ganache Bar.

It’s also recently been awarded a gold Good Taste award, so I’m not the only person who’s been enjoying it. For your £2, you get an 80g bar that breaks up into eight squares, each filled with a soft ganache centre.

The flavours are based on the classic combination of chocolate and orange, but the addition of a hint of bergamot raises it above the ordinary, making it more complex and interesting on the palate and complementing the blend of the chocolate. It’s also nice to see that they’ve used natural vanilla rather than the more commonly-used synthetic flavouring.

The bar itself is 70% dark and 13% milk chocolate, which makes it a little more creamy than you might expect. There’s also an other version of the bar that’s completely made with milk chocolate too, if you don’t like the dark stuff. The milk choc variety is the easiest to find at the moment, and can be bought from the manufacturer’s UK website.

ASDA is likely to be the first supermarket that gets a shipment of these new chocolate bars, as they currently have some of the other flavours in stock.

The packaging is quite handy as it’s a slim cardboard envelope, a neat way of keeping the bar safe and unsquashed. It also means that it’s easier to break off a square or two for a treat, and then stash the rest of it away somewhere for another time.

To sum up, this is a tasty little treat that’s definitely one for the grown-ups. I’ll let you know when the dark variety makes its way into the shops.

Full disclosure: PR samples, all thoughts and opinions my own.

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