Li’l DaVinci EZ Store & Display art cabinet frame review

Review EZ Store My Lil Davinci picture frame display art cabinet

Time for a quick review! Today I’m looking at the Li’l DaVinci EZ Store & Display art cabinet, which is an easy-use picture frame that also acts as a slimline storage cabinet for your photos, paintings or collages.

As you can see from the photo above, this is being marketed mainly towards parents of small children, although I think it actually has a far broader appeal than that. However, if you do have a young art fan in the family it will allow you to declutter the fridge and archive up to 50 pieces of their work, keeping the pictures stored away safely.

It also means that you can frame a new piece of art very easily whenever you like, and it’s really simple to do. You simply lift the lever that’s tucked away on the underside of the frame and the hinged case smoothly swings open. This then reveals the inside of the frame and its cleverly designed sprung corners. Just tuck the corners of the paper into them and gently let go, and finish by closing the glass cover.

The result looks like it’s been properly framed, and it has a neat and professional finish. It’s sturdy enough to use again and again and it should give many years of service to a reasonably careful owner.

My Lil Davinci picture frame features review

The EZ Store & Display art cabinet would definitely make an arty kid feel like their work was a bit special, but it would also work really well for teenagers who want to customise their rooms and change their decor regularly. You could also use it to reflect nature and the changing seasons, or to mark different dates and holidays.

I also think it would be great for people of all ages who enjoy art or photography as a hobby and would like a way to get their latest designs up onto the wall quickly. It’d also be great to have hanging over your desk if you work in the creative industries, so that you could have an inspiring mood board or visual representation of your ongoing projects.

The Li’l DaVinci EZ Store & Display art cabinet frame is currently available in black, white or ‘cherrywood’ colourways, and you can find it in A3 (RRP £39.99) or A4 (RRP £29.99) sizes. They’re available to buy at 2Tech, and you can also find offers on them at Argos and Amazon.

Full disclosure: Product sample provided by 2Tech. All thoughts and opinions my own.


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