June Fitness Challenge: Week 3 Roundup

Fitness goals for June cheap free and thrifty Week 3

To start with, apologies for being late with this particular write-up, but I’ve been a bit under the weather. This thrifty fitness challenge update should have been published on 22nd of June so let’s have a quick catch up on it. I have managed to do reasonably well with my attempts to get fit and eat a bit more healthily on a budget, although it hasn’t all gone my way.

My Week Three exercise plan was five hours of moderate aerobic exercise, plus two hours of toning exercises with light weights. I managed just over five hours on the exercise bike and might just have run out of rubbish TV to watch – seriously, please feel free to make suggestions (nothing too classy or remotely factual as I can’t concentrate all that much at the time what with trying to hit speed targets and keep my heart rate in the right range). Comedy, daft Sci-fi, action, whatever.

I also managed about an hour of working out with weights. I started out with hand-held cansĀ of baked beans to see how my joints would hold up and it all worked out pretty well. Next week it’ll be proper free weights.

Unfortunately on Day Seven I got an upset stomach, which meant I missed the final workout. Note to self: maybe plan the last day of the week as the rest day instead…

The healthy eating went really well until the last day, but there’s no point pushing your luck when your digestive system is on the blink so I managed six days out of seven in total. On those six days I managed at least six portions of fruit and vegetables, and often seven or eight. Otherwise there were no real rules about eating – just concentrating on the fruit and veg is enough for me as I’m not watching my weight.

Do I look or feel any different? My abs definitely look flatter than they did five weeks ago, I have a bit more energy and I generally feel a little stronger and more toned. There’s still plenty of work to do though, as I didn’t do enough weight-bearing exercise.

Are you trying to get fitter or stronger this summer? Let me know what you’ve been getting up to!

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  1. You should watch Game Of Thrones – it’s very silly but a lot of fun!

  2. Hi Jackie, hmmmm, I’m not sure I’d be able to catch up with all umpteen series of those! Might be the only person who hasn’t watched that series though…

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