Jump Start: Tenner Week: Day 6 Skint Socialites

We made it to the weekend, hurrah! Do you have any cash left in the kitty? Doesn’t matter if you’re flat broke by today – we’re looking for free or very cheap ways to be sociable.

tenner week day 6

Having a social life when you’re completely skint might feel completely impossible, or highly daunting. However, your real friends will always be happy to keep in touch with you, whatever your budget.

What can you get up to today?

  • Have some friends round for pasta and DVDs
  • Meet people for coffee or a pint
  • Have a homemade picnic & silly games in the park
  • Email a long lost friend or relative
  • Use up any free minutes remaining in your mobile allowance
  • Use Skype, TeamSpeak, GoogleHangouts, Viber etc for a chat
  • Find a free local event (check local paper, fliers, your council website, noticeboards etc)
  • Do some volunteering (volunteering.org.uk, TimeBank etc)
  • Drop in on a neighbour

Or anything else you can think of…

What’s happening here?

We’re going out to a family reunion for some of The Beau’s relatives, which should be very nice. It’s also in a really good pub about 25 minutes’ walk from our house, so we can get some exercise on the way there as well. Not that I’m suggesting anyone else should be organising a family reunion today at short notice, this has been planned for quite a while.

Probably going to end up doing a buffet dinner, if we have various people piling back here afterwards. Fortunately we have a sack of spuds from last week and lots of other things to plate up and put on the table.

Have a fantastic weekend, whatever you’re getting up to.

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