Jump Start: Tenner Week: Day 5 Freebie Friday

Day 5 of Tenner Week is upon us, and in grand thrifty tradition it’s Freebie Friday. Let’s find ourselves some fabulous freebies!

tenner week day 5

Soooo, where can you find a freebie today?

There are plenty of options:

  • Local papers and free papers such as Metro
  • Free samples from food markets and delis
  • Giveaways at major train stations during rush hour
  • Beauty counter samples
  • Freebie forums (e.g. HotUKDeals, MSE)
  • Freebie sites (LatestFreeStuff, MagicFreebies, & many more)
  • Favourite brand pages on facebook or twitter
  • Search the #FreebieFriday hashtag on twitter
  • Check your emails for free gifts
  • Check membership cards and things like 02 Priority Moments for subscriber-only offers

Who’s going to find the best freebie today? 

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  1. Received voucher for two topping large pizza from Green Mill through rewards points. We split an appetizer and still tipped based on original bill, but still had gift card balance from old old card to cover tip and appetizer. Came home with 1/2 a pizza for todays lunch. Did better this week and my personal spending is under $2. My challenge will be to figure out how to bring whole household to the challenge. Leaks are everywhere.

    1. Hi Sam, nothing like a free night out is there?! So nice to see that you left the waiting staff a tip too, via your points. Great idea.

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