Jump Start: Tenner Week: Day 2 No Spend Day

Welcome to Day 2 of our latest Tenner Week. How’s your budget looking today?

Tenner week day 2 no spend day zero spend day

Today, we’re going to try to have a no-spend day, if possible.

That means making your own breakfast, bringing snacks and packed lunch to work, and so on.

As it’s only Tuesday, you should have a few things in the fridge and cupboard to choose from.

Try to avoid window shopping etc, as this makes the day much easier. Keep busy, and maybe go for a walk in your lunch break for some fresh air and free exercise.

In the evening, you might be able to go to a free event, so see if there’s anything available near you. Alternatively, have quick declutter at home and see whether there’s anything you could sell in the next few days to raise a little extra cash.

What’s happening here?

Yesterday managed to be a no-spend day, which was really good. Mondays are usually quiet so I get stuck into work and generally stay out of the shops etc, so it’s relatively easy. It was leftovers for lunch and a mini-curry for dinner with some garden veggies.

I’m not doing the TV Diet this time around, as we’re having house guests who might like to watch the telly. If you’re doing the TV Diet yourself, don’t forget that the total TV time you’re allowed during the week is four hours. Handy tip: watch recorded shows with the ads and end credits blipped out, so you get more telly and less guff in your allocated time.

Tonight I’m going to a free preview night for something (screening of a new TV show), so fingers crossed there will be free drinks and nibbles before we go in.

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