Jump Start: Tenner Week: Day 1 Menu Monday

Hello and welcome to the first day of a new Tenner Week. Let’s do some budgeting….starting with making a meal planner for the rest of the week.

Tenner week piggies Day 1 Menu Monday

Today’s activity is to start off with a really good look around the fridge, freezer, cupboards, allotment etc and work out what you have left to eat and drink.

Next, work out what’s likely to keep perfectly, and what’s at risk of going off during the week.

Prioritise things that are likely to go off. What needs to be eaten up first? What can you preserve in some way – for example, by freezing it?

Now you can sketch out your menu for the rest of the week without worrying about the food spoiling.

Monday’s always a good day for leftovers! How about bubble and squeak, or cold cuts, or a stew or chunky soup?

Think about making the most of any fruits and vegetables you might have, and how you could have some filling, healthy meals with them.

I’ll be making some cucumber and mint raita and doing a mini-curry to go with it. Great to have the chance to use up some more garden vegetables…

Need some inspiration? Try the Sainsbury’s Food Rescue tool, where you type in your ingredients and it comes up with thrifty recipes for using them up in a tasty way.

There’s also an app from Love Food Hate Waste for iOS and Android phones. Give one of them a whirl and see what they come up with.

This week’s schedule

Let’s BUDGET!!!

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  1. I am so GLAD that you listed the Food Rescue tool link. I had many times wished there was a site, where I could just type in my ingredients and get recipes. Thanks so much for this!

  2. Hi Jenny – that’s great news, hope you like it! These apps are a great idea, let’s hope they keep adding lots of nice new recipes to them.

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