Jump Start: Self Care September

Time for a Jump Start! We’re going to have one new thing to try each day on this site, with the broad theme of taking extra good care of yourself – even if you’re on a very tight budget.

Jump Start month Self care September budget

It’s going to have the following running order:

  • Week 1: Food and drink – full schedule at the bottom of this page
  • Week 2: Motivation and organisation
  • Week 3: Sleep and stress levels
  • Week 4: Tenner Week (live on £10 for a week)
  • Week 5: Priorities and plans

So today is Day 1 and let’s keep it simple and – most importantly – free.

The task for today is to keep yourself hydrated. It depends on how much water you already drink, but you could try any or all of the following:

  • Drink and extra glass or two of tap or filtered water
  • Eat some juicy fruit or have a salad
  • Cut back on dehydrating drinks like strong coffee / alcohol

I’ll be drinking an extra glass of water in the morning and afternoon, and have also decided to ration my caffeine intake for the whole month (three caffeinated drinks per day max, three coffees per week, and no strong / extra shot coffees). I’m also keeping my alcohol intake to a maximum of five units per week, with at least four no-alcohol days as part of that. Let’s see if it’s the best recipe for being bright eyed and bushy tailed…

Do you have any handy hydration tips of your own? Is there anything that makes it easier for you that isn’t mentioned in the list above?

Week 1 Schedule (Food & Drink)

  1. Keep yourself hydrated (see above)
  2. Cut down on salt
  3. No unhealthy soft drinks day
  4. Four fruits day
  5. Filling foods day
  6. Something blue day
  7. Make things easier day
Also coming up this month: a separate Money Making Challenge for anyone who’d like to earn an extra quid or two. More about this soon, if you’d like to cheer me on or join in yourself.

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