Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 5

Happy Friday everybody! It’s Day 5 of Self Care September’s food and drink week, so let’s tuck in once more before the weekend gets started.

Jump start self care september day five

Today’s activity is to have healthy and filling foods and meals that make you feel good. Eating like this can make you feel like you have more energy, and some people may also find that they get fewer hunger pangs too.

It’s sort of a two-part equation. First of all, cut down a bit on foods that can play havoc with your blood sugar (for example, sugary drinks, sweets, biscuits and cakes), and don’t have them on an empty stomach. Keep them to smaller amounts and have them just after meals.

Secondly try one or more of these ideas that could help you feel fuller:

  • Have breakfast, even if you don’t normally have it (porridge, eggs, etc)
  • Eat an apple before your lunch or dinner
  • Have a decent sized portion of protein foods with at least two of your meals (eggs, thick Greek yoghurt, pulses, fish, meat, vegetarian alternatives)
  • Blend chunky foods into a puree to make a smooth soup
  • Have a small glass of water before eating
  • Eat tiny, healthy snacks between meals (fruit, veg sticks and hummus, or a few nuts)

Notice how you feel throughout the day. How are your usual mid-morning hunger pangs? Do you get your standard mid-afternoon slump?

If there’s anything that seems to be especially helpful for you, consider eating in this way more often. If it works, keep doing it.

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