Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 4

It’s Day Four of  our Healthy Food and Drink week, and living well on a budget couldn’t be simpler today. Let’s get fruity!

Jump Start Self Care September eat more fruit

Perhaps that might need a little rephrasing. Today’s easy-to-do activity is to have four portions of fruit. It’s easy to neglect your fruit and veg intake if you’re busy and rushed, so take a moment to think how you might meet this target.

You can include:

  • Pieces of fresh fruit (but you can only count one of each variety, so for example if you eat three oranges today then you can only count the first one towards your target)
  • Heaped tablespoonfuls of berries (again the first spoonful of each type of berry is all you can count)
  • One small glass of pure fruit juice or a pure fruit smoothie (but not both)
  • A small handful of dried, unsweetened fruit
  • Frozen fruits, any unsweetened type
  • One portion of tinned fruit in fruit juice (but not in syrup)

These are plenty of ideas for getting those four portions of fruit into your daily diet today.

If you’re worried about this costing too much, get down to your local market and buy some of the seasonal fruits listed in my food calendar, so have a read of that article I just linked to and by the end if it you should be feeling more enthusiastic.

Here’s my sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast: cereal and home grown berries, orange juice
  • Lunch: fruit salad dessert (if available)
  • Snack: apple or banana
  • Dinner: main course

There you go, four easy portions of fruit in a day.

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