Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 21

We’ve made it through to the last day of Relax and Sleep Better week, and today we’re tackling those worries that keep us awake at night.

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If you can’t sleep because of stress and worry then try a few of the more ‘mechanical’ tips from earlier in the week (less caffeine, etc), but you might also need some extra help to help your thoughts to settle down a little.

Forcing yourself to ‘not worry’ never seems to work – our brains always take themselves back to the things we’re trying not to think about.

You might need to give yourself permission to worry a little. Let the thoughts flow out, and write them down at bedtime. The promise yourself you’ll look at them properly in the morning, and take whatever action’s necessary.

Tonight, try making a list for five to ten minutes before going to sleep. Get all the negative thoughts and anxieties down, and out of your head.

The next day, things might look different. We often worry about things that never come to pass. On the other hand, if there’s something that truly does need urgent action, you now have a good list of what needs to be sorted out.

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